UNBA, Centre for Family Law Studies and NGO "Studio of Modern Law" agreed on Cooperation

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On July 18, 2019 Ukrainian National Bar Association and Center for Family Law Studies concluded a Memorandum on Cooperation.

The document was signed by the Head of UNBA, BCU Lidia Izovitova and Chairman of the Board of NGO "Center for Family Law Studies" Oleg Prostybozhenko.

The purpose of the Memorandum between the UNBA and the Center is to exchange information and experience, to analyze existing problems of family relationships and to develop and implement projects to address them. The document also provides for research into family law and educational and scientific activities to develop family relationships based on the best European and world practices.

The document also provides for the development of joint proposals and recommendations for draft laws and other legal acts, state programs and action plans aimed at optimizing the protection of the rights of family members;

The Memorandum also includes such areas of cooperation as the study and analysis of the real status and tendencies of the development of family legal relations in Ukraine and the world, as well as the elaboration on the basis of this recommendation to the authorities, public associations, etc.; promotion of human rights ideas and international human rights and fundamental freedoms standards.

In order to achieve the purpose of this Memorandum, the Parties agree to hold special consultations with a view to developing an agreed position of the Parties to address the most pressing problems in the field of family law, to promote the development of citizens' awareness in the field of family law in order to protect their rights and freedoms.

The UNBA has also signed a memorandum with the NGO "Studio of Modern Law".

The document was signed by the Head of UNBA, BCU Lidia Izovitova and Chairman of the Board of NGO Olga Poedynok.

In concluding this Memorandum, the parties have identified the main goal - cooperation, exchange of information and experience of the Parties, practical implementation of the rule of law, protection of civil rights and freedoms on the basis of equality and observance of generally accepted norms and principles of international law, in order to promote approximation of Ukrainian legislation and law enforcement practices to the best world standards and fulfillment of Ukraine's international legal obligations.

It is planned to establish partnerships, coordinate efforts aimed at creating favorable conditions for the development of the legal profession in Ukraine and forming favorable conditions for providing legal assistance in cases with a foreign element, improving its quality level and ensuring free and equal access to it, as well as the proper application of rules of international law in the legal system of Ukraine.

During the meeting, Lidia Izovitova stressed that UNBA is interested in cooperation and expertise of NGOs and is ready to expand such cooperation through UNBA committees. In addition, during the meeting with the Chairman of the Board of the Center Oleg Prostybozhenko and the Chairman of the Board of the "Studio of Modern Law" Olga Poedynok the Head of UNBA discussed the issues of legal education reform.

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