UNBA will send to the High Council of Justice the results of the audit of judicial reform - Lydia Izovitova

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            Following the results of the second national discussion "Access to Justice: Realities and Prospects", the Ukrainian National Bar Association will conduct an audit of strategic documents and bills proposed during the judicial reform. The final document will be sent to the High Council of Justice and, if necessary, to the Verkhovna Rada.

          This was announced by the Head of UNBA, the Head of the Bar Council of Ukraine Lydia Izovitova, during the second national discussion "Access to Justice: Realities and Prospects".

          "Regarding the results of concepts and strategies adopted in the field of justice, the President of Ukraine called on the Commission on Legal Reform to conduct such an audit. From our side, we have already started such an audit on November 23 during our first discussion and we still continue it. This is a public audit," said the UNBA Head.

          "As a result of our discussion, we will make a written notice, which we will send to the High Council of Justice and the Parliamentary Committee, which will discuss these bills. We will explain the relevant rules and indicate where there are errors or distortions of law, including intentional ones. Today, as citizens of our country who care for the interests of the judiciary, and the interests of justice, we must fulfill our civic duty, "Lydia Izovitova said.

          In addition to remarks, the document will contain proposals from UNBA to reform the judiciary, said Lydia Izovitova.

          "Each professional community will offer its directions and ways out of this particular crisis in the reform of the judiciary. We also have to do it," said the Head of UNBA and the Bar Council of Ukraine.

          The conclusion will be accompanied by assessments of the constitutional limits of Ukraine’s obligations to the IMF and their incorporation in those bills that are currently being considered in parliament.

          Lydia Izovitova also pointed out that some parliamentarians do not have their vision of reform of the judiciary, which is a "bad bell for everyone."

          "I was surprised by the conclusion of the Parliamentary Committee on European Integration on the bill №3711. It is noticeably short, consisting of one or two sentences. It says that "the bill meets the European goal, and everything else must work well." So, "working well" is a particularly good message for us. Let's work well for the sake of our compatriots », - the Head of UNBA urged colleagues.

          On November 30, during the second national discussion "Access to Justice: Realities and Prospects", UNBA representatives expressed their views on the bills on judicial reform in Ukraine proposed by the authorities. You can watch the video of the event by following the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz_asc1Pikg.


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