Notwithstanding the lockdown, in 2020 the Center for the Study of Advocacy and Law did not stop working - Iryna Vasylyk

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In 2020 the Center for the Study of Advocacy and Law prepared and published two monographs and the annual wall illustrated calendar of the UNBA for 2021. 5 more collections on the history of advocacy are under development.

This was announced by the Head of the Center for the Study of Advocacy and Law of the UNBA Iryna Vasylyk during the Public Hearings of the UNBA Report for 2020 and the UNBA Development Strategy for 2021-2025. She stressed that despite quarantine restrictions during the pandemic last year, the Center's activities did not stop.

"The work of the Center is aimed at establishing and strengthening the institution of advocacy both in society and for the internal consolidation of lawyers," said Iryna Vasylyk.

Thus, in 2020 the monograph of Ms. Faizulina “The President of Ukrainian People's Republic Andriy Livytsky: Attorney and Politician in the Background of the Epoch" were published in the series "Advocates-Presidents", and which covers the life, political preferences, advocacy, state and public policy activity of the President of the Ukrainian People's Republic Andriy Livytsky, as well as the monograph of Mr. Savchuk "Law, economic and socio-political activities of Stepan Fedak (1861 - 1937)", which is the first in Ukrainian historiography comprehensive study of the biography and spheres of activity of Stepan Ivanovich Fedak - Ukrainian attorney, public figure, founder and head of national economic and humanitarian organizations in Ukraine.

In 2020, the Center for the Study of Advocacy and Law held 4 scientific events. The Center become the co-organizer of the International Scientific Conference "Ukraine in the context of modern challenges and threats" as well as a participant of the round table "Ukrainian Elite in Historical Retrospect", the International Scientific Online Conference "IX Interdisciplinary Humanitarian Readings" and the II International Scientific and Practical Conference “Advocacy of Ukraine: current state and prospects of development.”

Also, with the assistance of the Center, 17 scientific articles were published in various scientific journals last year.

In 2020, the Center actively conducted methodological and educational activities. An office-museum of the history of advocacy of Vinnytsia region was opened on the basis of the law faculty of Donetsk National University named after Vasyl Stus and stands were opened for the opening of cabinets-museums of the history of advocacy at the West Ukrainian National University (Ternopil) and at the Chortkiv Educational and Scientific Institute of Entrepreneurship and Business of the WUNU (Chortkiv) and others.

In addition, thanks to the grant program the participant of the UNBA History of Advocacy of Ukraine Project implemented by the Center for the Study of Advocacy and Law of the UNBA, Svitlana Potapenko completed an internship in Bucharest, Romania, as part of a scholarship from The Gerda Henkel Fellowship Program.

Summing up the report of the Center for the Study of Advocacy and Law of the UNBA for 2020, the Deputy Head of the UNBA, the BCU Valentyn Gvozdii expressed gratitude to the Head of the Center, Iryna Vasylyk, for the work done and noted that no educational institution in the world has such an educational center.

 "Such work is not carried out by any bar that is known to me. This is such a systematic, in-depth work and we really appreciate what you are doing." - Valentyn Gvozdii said.


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