Ukrainian National Bar Association received the Scott Crosby Human Rights Award 2022

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Recently in St. Julian’s (Republic of Malta), the European Criminal Bar Association held a conference on the Role of Defence and the Transformation of the European Judicial Area. The Ukrainian National Bar Association was represented by the Vice President of the UNBA, Mr. Valentyn Gvozdiy. 

The conference started with honoring the Ukrainian National Bar Association with the Human Rights Award, named after the famous human rights lawyer Scott Crosby.

Presenting the high award to the UNBA, the ECBA President Vincent Asselineau and the ECBA Human Rights Officer Alexis Anagnostakis noted the extraordinary heroism of the people of Ukraine in their selfless struggle against the aggressor.

Thus, Vincent Asselineau stressed: “The Scott Crosby Award bestowed upon the Ukrainian National Bar Association is justified and well deserved. The ECBA commends the efforts of the Ukrainian National Bar Association to support justice in this war-torn country.”

For his part, Alexis Anagnostakis, the ECBA Human Rights Committee Officer, said: “Honouring the country, its citizens, and their sacrifices, we will now never say that Ukrainians are fighting as heroes! From now on, we will say that HEROES fight as UKRAINIANS! Ukrainian lawyers’ tremendous and heroic work during the war inspires and admires us all.

Despite the bombings, blood, and tears, lawyers and judges have succeeded in maintaining the rule of law and human rights in times of devastating war. Thanks to them, the courts and the legal system operate without interruption. The Ukrainian National Bar Association has shown significant solidarity not only with lawyers; it has helped all the suffering people who asked for help. It was not only legal aid but also assistance with food, clothing, medicines, and finances.

That is why the award is given this year to the heroes of the legal profession. Your victory is our victory! The award is named after our friend and colleague Scott Crosby, who left this world in 2020. For him, human rights were always in the first place, and if he were with us today, I am sure he would be with Ukrainians and fight for human rights in Ukraine!”

Accepting the award on behalf of the UNBA, Valentyn Gvozdiy noted: “This award is a high appreciation of the work of all Ukrainian advocates who uphold the rule of law and fight for peace in Ukraine. On behalf of all Ukrainian lawyers, I sincerely thank the international legal community for its constant support in this difficult time. The war in Ukraine is killing our citizens and destroying our homes, infrastructure, and cultural heritage. Now the lawyers of Ukraine have a lot of work to do. Many of us are defending Ukraine on the frontline, and those who are in the rear provide free legal aid to citizens and children left without parents or help with the search for parents. We help servicemen. Our unity and dedication to the profession have become our front today! I agree with Alexis Anagnostakis, who said that in 2023 we would hold the awarding of the Human Rights Award named after the famous human rights lawyer Scott Crosby in Ukraine - in a free and peaceful Ukraine. I am convinced that it will happen!” - Valentyn Gvozdiy emphasized.

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