The 3rd English Law Forum in Kyiv

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The forum for English Law Day, which is held for the third time jointly by the Law Society of England and Wales, the British Embassy in Ukraine and the UNBA, was opened in Kyiv at the end March.

"Lawyers play an important role in the development of international business and ensure that disputes are resolved fairly and effectively. Great Britain is very proud that its representatives in the legal profession have made a significant contribution to the adoption of these principles. On the other hand, there is an increasing number of Ukrainian law firms that compete effectively in the international legal market, and many of them are presented here today. We see that the legal sector in Ukraine is growing and we continue to actively promote cooperation with British colleagues. I’m sure this event will intensify trade relations between lawyers of both countries and I hope that it will become permanent in the diaries of lawyers who are seriously involved in bilateral legal issues".- said the First Secretary of the British Embassy in Ukraine Cathy Cottrell opening a formal part of the event.

President of the Law Society of England and Wales Cristina Blacklaws, said that she was in Kiev for the first time on the occasion of the opening of a joint forum for Ukrainian and British lawyers. Presenting the mission and vision of the professional organization of more than 200,000 British lawyers, she stressed that international cooperation is one of the key areas of strategy and Law Society of England and Wales.

"We never work in isolation - we are part of the global legal community and cooperate with colleagues abroad. London is home to almost one hundred jurisdictions and we host about 200 foreign law firms working in English law and the laws of other jurisdictions", - said Cristina Blacklaws. She emphasized that for foreign law firms, the English system of law is one of the most favorable: it is very open and gives access to business almost without restrictions. From the standpoint of qualification procedures, foreign lawyers may qualify for practice through a qualifying transfer scheme. In addition, the transparency, legal certainty and stability of the English legal system has the credibility of legal institutions to resolve complex legal disputes.

"It's a jurisdiction that many chose to solve complex disputes, even if the issue in question is not related to our regional jurisdiction", - said the President of Law Society of England and Wales. She noted the high level of mutual interest of professional communities in establishing contacts and developing cooperation, which is due to both the clear rules of the British market and the growth of business activity and investment.

The Head of UNBA, BCU Lidia Izovitova, welcoming the participants of the forum, informed about the main novelties in the relevant legislation affecting the rules of work in the legal market in Ukraine. So, since January 1st, the principle of exclusive court representation by an advocate has been introduced. In addition, for a foreign advocate to be permitted to practice in Ukraine, except for inclusion in the SRAU on the basis of statutory requirements, it is necessary to conclude an agreement with a Ukrainian advocate.

"We allow foreign advocate to practice freely in Ukraine, but in order to practice in court, there is a separate requirement. The foreign advocates must enter into an agreement with a Ukrainian advocate, because we must guarantee the knowledge of Ukrainian legislation, the Ukrainian language and the procedures required by the court. This is the protection not only of the interests of advocates, but also certain guarantees of a high-quality and effective protection of clients' interests in court", - said the Head of UNBA. At the same time, according to her, Ukrainian advocates are interested in access to foreign legal services markets, as well as studying legislation of other countries and development of personal contacts in professional communities abroad.

The English Law Day has been held in Kyiv since 2017 as a platform for the integration of professional communities of Ukrainian and British lawyers, and the development of legal business.

The forum has traditionally united leaders of the legal services market of Great Britain and Ukraine under the auspices of leading professional organizations. However, the effect of this event goes beyond the professional duties of the lawyers, because it directly contributes to the further strengthening of relations between the two countries, increase trust between the business community and investment flows.

This year's event is dedicated to Ukrainian start-ups and small and medium businesses in the UK market, as well as dispute resolution in the UK and Ukraine, the interaction of the bars of both countries concerning international issues.

Photo by "Yurydychna Practyka"

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