NextGen joined to The European Young Bar Association

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The Youth Committee of NextGen, part of Ukrainian National Bar Association, has become a member of The European Young Bar Association (EYBA).

Spokesmen of NextGen committee of UNBA Barabashyn Sergii and Bilotsky Vladyslav successfully presented the committee and UNBA during the conference of EYBA in Rome, that was held on 20-23 of June 2019.

European Young Bar Association its European non-commercial organization, which is founded in May 1993. A main purpose of EYBA is representation and defense of interests of young attorneys and lawyers in whole Europe, as well as organization of different courses, congresses, events, meetings and sessions for the purpose of constant renovation of its members and expanding contacts with colleagues from Europe. EYBA is grounded on such key principles as democracy, human rights, access to justice and Rule of Law.

Nowadays EYBA representing the interests of more than 200 000 young lawyers and attorneys. Bar associations and Lawyers associations from other countries, such as London young lawyers group, American Bar Association Stichting Jonge Balie Nederland, Junior lawyers of The Law society, American Bar Association and other are among the members of EYBA.

Important terms of successful functioning of NextGen committee are also international cooperation and experience exchange with colleagues from different countries.

At the EYBA Summer Conference 2019 in Rome spokesmen of the committee presented the UNBA and NextGen to the chairmen and members of association. Special interest was shown by the participants to the structure of UNBA, functioning of the Higher School of Advocacy and young committee, that matches with the purpose of EYBA.

Among other things, at the EYBA 2019 Summer Conference in Rome, participants were able to visit the Supreme Court of Italy, get practical advice and learn about the practice of resolving disputes regarding the protection of human rights and intellectual property. A pleasant surprise was the personal acquaintance of the participants of the conference with Guido Raimondi (the judge of the ECHR (from 05.05.2012), the president of the ECHR from 01.11.2015 to 05.2019), who was one of the speakers of the event.

Participants from more than 12 countries, including France, the United Kingdom, USA, Italy, Moldova, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Greece, Spain, etc. took part in the conference. Most of the participants are acting through local bar associations and lawyer associations. In case of partial cooperation with the partakers and territorial associations of lawyers of the countries it is planned to initiate the signing of bilateral cooperation agreements, joint events.

Prior to the results of the latest negotiations EYBA is ready to invite Ukraine to participate in next Summer Conference. This was reached due to cooperation of NextGen committee, including during the visit of EYBA Conference in Moldova, that held on fall 2019.

The Summer Conference is an extremely important event for EYBA and its participants, as the results of the activities are being carried out, a new head of the staff is elected and plans for the next year are discussed.

We want to ensure that the confidence of EYBA to the NextGen of UNBA would be fully justified during our cooperation. At the moment we are preparing a few proposals to the EYBA and its members regarding joint events.

Although the participation with EYBA is significant experience this is the first step on the way to NextGen and UNBA plans and goals. We want to remind you that the NextGen committee is always open to new ideas and participants - join us because our strength is in unity!

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