The rule of law and the right to defense: Ukraine in the spotlight at the BIC meeting at the IBA

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Representatives of the Ukrainian legal community had the opportunity to tell their colleagues from many countries about the professional problems faced by defense lawyers during the war.

Today, on November 1, a meeting of the Bar Issues Commission (BIC) of the International Bar Association (IBA) took place in Paris, during which the participants explored methods of improving communication between bar associations and law societies, as well as crucial IBA resolutions and statements.

In his speech, Ken Murphy, Chairman of the BIC Commission, emphasized the importance of maintaining the rule of law at the global level, particularly in the face of current challenges.

Such challenges in the activities of attorneys in Ukraine were voiced by Valentyn Gvozdiy, Vice President of the Ukrainian National Bar Association, UNBA. He informed the members of the Commission about the situation with the rights of advocates in times of war. He also emphasized the importance of ensuring the right to defense for every citizen of Ukraine, even if it requires lawyers to work in the occupied territories. Valentyn Gvozdiy also condemned attempts to declare such lawyers collaborators and spoke about the relevant statement of the Bar Council of Ukraine adopted at the last meeting of the bar self-government body.

As a reminder, the International Bar Association was founded 75 years ago. Today, it unites about 80 thousand lawyers from most of the world's leading law firms and about 190 bar associations and law societies from more than 170 countries.

The BIC Commission actively supports the interests of IBA member organizations representing bar associations, law societies, and other similar bodies worldwide. Their activities include organizing events to discuss issues affecting the global legal professional world, creating working groups that develop resources for bar associations, etc.

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Advocates will be given advice on how to respond to unlawful actions of the TCC

The Ukrainian National Bar Association will prepare methodological recommendations on the algorithm of actions of lawyers in case of encroachment on their professional rights by representatives of state bodies, in particular, TCCs, while providing legal assistance to clients. Regional bar councils will be involved in the work.

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Pressure on lawyers is an indicator of human rights violations in Ukraine – UNBA

The growing pressure on the bar threatens to deteriorate the human rights situation in Ukraine. The statistics on violations of the guarantees of the practice of law indicate a threatening situation for the effective and safe professional activity of defense lawyers.

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Legal aid is not a money-making venture, but a guarantee of human rights realization, - UNBA

Lidiya Izovitova, the President of UNBA, BCU addressed the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Rustem Umerov in connection with the publication «Earning money on the mountain of the families of fallen heroes», which was posted on the official resources of the Transcarpathian Regional Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support.

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In Odesa region an advocate was taken to the TCC during the search

An advocate who was performing his duties while providing free legal aid in criminal proceedings was detained and forcibly taken to the territorial center for recruitment and social support.

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Methodology for calculating episodes when paying for FLA lawyer's services should be clarified, - BCU

The Bar Council of Ukraine is initiating changes to the Cabinet of Ministers' resolution on payment for services and reimbursement of expenses of lawyers providing free secondary legal aid.

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Does the FLA system dismiss lawyers who turned out to be inconvenient?

The contract with the lawyer who asked uncomfortable questions about the distribution of assignments and payment for services in the free legal aid system was not extended.

14:36 Wed 01.05.24 169


Who is entitled to assess the powers of an advocate under the contract?

As a general rule, the qualification and disciplinary commissions of the bar cannot assess the powers of a lawyer to represent or defend arising from a legal aid agreement.

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The Danish Refugee Council will engage the UNBA to provide legal aid - a memorandum was signed

Within the framework of its own projects to assist refugees and internally displaced persons, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) will engage the specialists of the Ukrainian National Bar Association to provide legal aid to Ukrainian citizens.

19:17 Wed 24.04.24 159

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